Thursday, 28 February 2013

The big build up to my big debut at Glasgow Comedy Festival

I cannot believe it, I'm finally getting to do something I've wanted to do for a very long time - My own wee show at The Glasgow Comedy Festival, It really is one of those 'dream come true' moments for me.

I don't cope well with pressure normally but then again I've never really experienced this type of pressure.... It's the type of pressure that excites you and motivates you - as opposed to the type of pressure that squeezes the hell out of you. I have written, rehearsed and performed my show in one form or another a few times  but I'm now feeling very confident that what we now have is THE ONE.

During the process of learning my craft as a performer I've had to do a great deal of digging.... digging into my thoughts and my past, digging into my reserves , my energy and even my pockets (or, as it is at the moment - my broo money) but its been brilliant. I've learnt that the safest place in the world for me is the stage ! I often feel fear and anxiety in certain situations yet I can stand up, sing, jump about and perform without fear. I don't analyse this I just bloody do it and enjoy it.

My show An Evening With Rosie Kane was born out of blethering about a pile of life events that can, at times, be a tad unusual. The final cut ,as it stands, includes my incredibly talented big brother, Tam McGarvey, and several of his musical instruments. It's great having Tam with me on stage and makes the whole thing a bit like a wee family party although I'd say we're more like The Carpenters on crack.

So as the nerves and the excitement begin and the rehearsals start in ernest this coming Monday I'm really looking forward to getting in front of my audience and sharing my show and if I see smiles and hear laughter and maybe even a wee tear as the nostalgia kicks in.... well, I'll be the happiest wee eejit on the planet.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Looking forward and feeling lucky

I'm puffed out after crimbo and new year and all the attached indulgencies, aye puffed out but ready for the year ahead....... or as ready as you can ever be. I feel very privileged given my lovely family are all well and making the best of life I also feel lucky to be able to call some of the best folk on the planet - friends. I'm doing well, the drugs do work, and I have positive plans for the year ahead. I'm fortunate that at the age of 51 I've found something I love doing, I'm getting to perform comedy; I'm now a raconteur; I get to sing and dance and write and tweet and blog....... I get to blether. I also get to step into a world I'm not really sure about which is a nerve tweaking challenge but it’s a challenge I'll step up to because I'm bloody lucky to have the chance at all.
I also think an exciting time lies ahead for Scotland..... this wee but wonderful country of ours. 2013 is the big run up to that big question....... Independence YES or NO? I'm a definite YESer because again its that challenge thing - that chance to take our country, our democracy, our past, our skills and most importantly our people and make something of it all. Utopia? Nope we don’t seek fantasy we seek reality. Imagine being able to interact with the eerily days of a new beginning and getting to participate in the shape of that country. Imagine for a minute making decisions now that will create our new history... new history? what a funny phrase, what I mean is that hwat we do now and in 2014 will be a huge event and if we take that wonderful leap we will have carved on the caves for centuries to come that we were/are ready to shape our destiny and right here on our own doorstep. My heart rises at the thought of Scotland saying hello to the world, the idea that women can shape that Scotland, children can voice their demands, politicians will have to listen because we are all in this relatively small space and there is nowhere to hide. I also trust a lot (not all) but a lot of those who will represent us....... I love that I know for a fact that representing the people can be accessed by Joan average. Its not flags ,tartan, kilty cauld bums not at all.... its just time, it's time.......
I'm pure up for it all.