Monday, 26 November 2012

A funny thing happened to me on the way from ATOS

Its been too long since I was here (I mean in Blogland) and it also occurred to me that I only write when I don't feel too well. This ability to write when I'm unhappy or unwell has a good side to it which is that I was able to fickle out of me a script.....

You see I had THAT visit to ATOS last November. You know the kind where you go in and wait for hours with lots of very vulnerable people? You sit for ages and you feel really nervous and you get your mate to go with you and they try really hard to make you feel ok although you know that a stranger is about to be really oppressive and ask you things about yourself that you really would only share with someone you knew well and really trust... then the same stranger ticks boxes on a machine and then you may or not get money to buy food.................. Aye that. Well, I took my pal Rachel with me and she did all of the above then took me for a coffee and a roll n bacon. Nice woman that she is she could see I was a bit shaky and not doing too well so she said "Rosie, in a perfect world what would you like to do? what would make you feel good and happy?" I thought for a minute about what she had said then I replied - albeit very humbly because it was a silly thing - "I've always wanted to be a comedienne and tell funny stories"

I knew it was kind of Rachel to distract me and I enjoyed telling her some funny stories that were true and that I'd like to share......- in an ideal world and if i could choose an ideal job - But you see Rachel wasn't just trying to distract me from my big stresses she was actually very serious. After our blether I headed from my bus and Rachel said "ok we can meet again soon and see what we can do about that idea" "Aye right" says me.

Well the thing about Rachel is she's Rachel Jury and she is a writer and a director and a performer and a really good friend who had, with Catrine Evans, invited me to be a part of a woman's drama group which I found very therapeutic and enjoyed chatting to the other women.

After a while i met up with Rachel and I wrote a few stories.... we met again and I spoke them out loud... we met again and she taught me how to project these stories and encouraged me to just "go for it". Well by spring time Rachel had a secured a gig for me at THE TRON THEATRE !!!! (the capitals and !!!! exhibit my shock). It was a gig to raise cash for our drama group to help us tour a musical anti poverty show called Miss Smith. It went well and I really enjoyed the whole thing Since then I have performed my show in two pubs (big thanks to The Waterside Inn,Glasgow and The Albion Bar, Stirling) for letting me in.

I had a big wish that I would get to perform at The Glasgow Comedy Festival - a dream that seemed well outside my reach- but Rachel went for it and low and behold I'm in...

My show tells the story of a wee lassie who is very accident prone and a total dreamer so its lovely that this wee dream came true for me. I'm writing today in a great mood (aye the drugs dae work) and I've written the show and I've started writing some songs to go with it.But it's not just thr meds and the therapy its the support and friendship of great people who don't mind holding on to your hope whilst you recover.!/shows/474